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Innofil3D - Premium for Professionals

Innofil3D - Ultrafuse

Moving Forward: Innofil3D will be Ultrafuse soon!

We offer prime quality filaments for demanding makers and professional users since 2012. In 2017 Innofil3D was acquired by BASF as part of BASF 3D Printing Solutions. In 2018 the first filaments under the BASF Ultrafuse brand were launched. Soon it is time for the next step, to move Forward and let go of our Innofil3D name. All our filaments will be named Ultrafuse soon, to have one evident name for all, that will fit the naming of the other BASF 3D Printing Solutions: Ultrasint 3D powder printing and Ultracur3D, 3D photopolymer printing.

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The Factory

State-of-the-art production

Extrusion of Innofil3D and Ultrafuse filaments. Computer-controlled processes, highest accuracy.

The Factory


Versatile filaments

We offer prime quality filaments; parked to cure after extrusion.

Start your Creation

What drives us


Our R&D team constantly works on new filaments. Our drive: the perfect filament for your application.


Everything comes together in:

The factory

Research, development and production all under one roof. A team dedicated to make filaments that meet your demands. Always.

Inside our factory

Accurate and reliable


Our state-of-the-art and unique machinery guarantees production of highly accurate and reliable filaments. The result of dedication to quality and over 25 years of experience in filament development and production.

Versatility in 3D printing

Make anything

We want every printed object to fulfill your expectations. For makers, professionals and industrial applications.

Our drive: the perfect filament for your application.

the Innofil3D Team