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Overview of

Professional Series - technical data

Professional Series Comparison Sheet

Pro1 offers major key advantages:

  • SPEED:  Reduce your printing time with 30%-80%, (subject to printer and object limitations)
  • STRENGTH:  Excels beyond printed ABS in every category of mechanical property
  • VERSATILITY:  One filament that can be tuned towards blazing speed and excellent surface finish
  • CONSISTENCY: Truly consistent filament, also between colours and batches, it will perform as expected, every time.






or PP is widely known as a solution for automotive applications, (household) appliances and liquid containers.  The main features of this material are:

  • Low density
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Chemical to resistance
  • Elasticity and toughness
  • Insulation properties

is part of the ABS family and is ideal for outdoor usage due to its properties: resistance to UV and toughness.


is known as a support material for ABS in the 3D-printing community. It dissolves in D’limonene. Because it has the same operating temperature as ABS it is an ideal material to use as a support material.

Technical Data Sheets;

Material Safety Data Sheets;

ABS Fusion+

In collaboration with Polyscope Polymers from the Netherlands, Innofil3D developed an ABS filament which is engineered for 3D-printing. ith ABS Fusion⁺ Innofil3D offers an engineering filament which is optimized for 3D-printing. The companies have focussed on:

  • Direct printing on glass
  • Low warping
  • Adhesion to water soluble support