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Nov 28, 2017

Tested; Innofil3D the best PET filament!


written by Hendrie Feringa

Looking for the best PET filament?
All3DP test results; Innofil3D PET is de big winner!

the best PET filament

“Looking for the perfect PETG filament? Check out our visual and mechanical review of the best PETG from top 3D printing filament producers.”

All3DP PET filament Tested & Reviewed

At Innofil3D we are confinced about the great line of products we are producing and selling all over the world.

And we do see a lot of people who share their positive feelings about our filament, via Social Media; TwitterFacebookInstagram

Also some great reviews on our products via YouTube.

But now; All3DP did a massive test and review on PETG filament!

And our team is really proud to share the results with you!

Read the full test and review;
Filament Face-Off – The Best PETG Filament Tested & Reviewed

Innofil EPR InnoPET – Green

“Rated as the Best Overall PETG in our Filament Face-Off, Innofil3D EPR InnoPET offers the best mixture of mechanical strength and visual appeal.”


InnoCircle rPET – Blue

“The InnoCircle rPET filament isn’t just visually and mechanically striking, it’s also made from recycled water bottles. This material showcases both sustainability and high performance.”


Innofil EPR InnoPET – Green

PET Filament in Green Color


InnoCircle rPET – Blue

3D Printer Recycle PET Filament

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2 responses to “Tested; Innofil3D the best PET filament!”

  1. Avatar
    Angelos Spanos says:

    I have found a review for the Innofil EPR InnoPET Green but not for the other colors. Is it safe to say that they all have very similar mechanical properties? I am mostly interested in the mechanical strength.

  2. Avatar
    Hendrie Feringa says:

    Dear Angelos, the mechanical strength should be similar with all the colors we offer.

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